In an effort to promote awareness and participation in export related vehicle theft prevention, public awareness, education, vehicle recovery, subject apprehension or prosecution, the North American Export Committee has developed the Brian Jones Export Award. This award recognizes and highlights outstanding contributions to address the exportation of stolen vehicles from North America by groups or individuals.

This award is dedicated to the memory of Brian Jones, Manager with Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, and NAEC member.

Nominations are accepted from individuals and groups, public or private organizations and citizens for significant contributions in helping to reduce the exportation of stolen vehicles from North America. This may include programs, technology, support, concepts, or personal efforts that include prevention, public awareness and education, vehicle recovery, investigation, apprehension and prosecution. The program is not limited to law enforcement and does not have to be investigative in nature.

Applicants are requested to complete the award application and provide a brief description, with supporting documentation, of the investigation.·