Treasurer - Chris A Bimonte
Miami-Dade Police Department

A Sergeant with the Miami-Dade Police Department in Miami, Florida, US, assigned to the Multi-Agency Auto Theft Task Force. He has been with the police department for 21 years and has been on the Task Force for over eight years. He is responsible for the supervision of a squad of auto theft investigators and their focus is on the export cases in Miami-Dade County. He maintains the Electronic Reporting and Gamma Ray System currently in operation at the Port of Miami. He has been with the NAEC since 1997 and is currently the NAEC Treasurer.


The NAEC is a necessary tool for the investigator, either law enforcement or insurance industry, that deals with the exportation of stolen vehicles. The NAEC has knowledge, experience and initiative to assist any investigator in either export investigations or information on improving their capabilities to intercept stolen vehicles before they leave the country or continent. Information is available from many resources, including but not limited to, the United States, Canada and Mexico.