Vice-Chairperson - Howard NusbaumNational Salvage Vehicle Reporting Program, (NSVRP) U.S.A.

Howard Nusbaum is the Administrator of the National Salvage Vehicle Reporting Program (NSVRP) a not-for-profit law enforcement support organization chartered to promote efforts to support all efforts to control automotive theft.  NSVRP is heavily involved in supporting the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS), and is an independent third party standards body for NMVTIS.

NSVRP also had established a national program for collecting total loss salvage vehicle information for law enforcement and insurance fraud investigation use, and along with the Nation Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) and Insurance Services Office (ISO) has made this program available for both insurance investigative purposes as well as for NMVTIS.  This program is being expanded to include both the United States and Canadian total loss salvage vehicle information as a step in promoting the integration of data standardization efforts between the three countries.

 Prior to joining NSVRP, from 1976 until 1995, Mr. Nusbaum founded and was the first President of a company that was the largest provider of inventory management system to the recycling industry in the United States and Canada.  Mr. Nusbaum is a recognized expert in the field of salvage vehicle operations, and he works closely with many organizations and governmental agencies in helping to improve the standardization and effectiveness of title reporting processes principally involving salvage, recycling and end of life vehicle industries.

 Mr. Nusbaum is a director of the North American Export Committee and chairs the NAEC international data standardization committee.  He has been honored by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for his work on NMVTIS, and has received the NAEC chairman's award for his efforts in support of NMVTIS.